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Vaginal Dumbbell Exercise Machine Ball

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3 kinds of ball type, many uses.

 USB charging, washable, waterproof, made of high quality silicone.

  When you first start practicing with the ball, you may feel uncomfortable because your body is "alert" to the ball. After a few minutes of exercise, you might feel the ball sliding out. If this happens, don't worry, just hang in there. When your muscles become more and more tight, it will be natural.

  on the toilet, please take out the baby from the body first, to avoid the ball into the toilet, there have been buyers of friends have happened such a situation, so please buyers remember.

  increased leucorrhoea secretion after the ball in the body, due to the stimulation of the vaginal internal leucorrhoea secretion has been much, there will be leucorrhoea followed out, this is a normal phenomenon. The amount of leucorrhea secretion is closely related to menstrual cycle and sexual activity. Leucorrhea plays the role of lubricant in sex, - denier genital stimulation, will naturally stimulate the secretion of leucorrhea. There is no need to worry about the ball affecting your health.

  Abdominal muscle pain: because in the exercise of pelvic muscles at the same time, the abdominal muscles are also exercised, for a long time not to exercise the internal position of muscle, muscle pain will occur. Like a child on the sports class, the second = world floor leg hair pain is this kind of situation.